Need ideas on a notebook


Hey guys, the new school year is around the corner and I'm about to start advance programming courses at college and I'm looking forward on getting myself a notebook to do homework and projects. My question to any of you, what aspects should I take into consideration when buying a notebook? Also, if any of you know of any good sites where they concentrate on selling "decent moderate price" notebooks?

What I’m basically looking for is for a notebook that has an OS on windows vista and with a full keyboard, since the number key pad plays a major part on the coding part of my major. I know that Vista minimum requirements is set to 2GB of RAM, so another question that I ask is, what would be a moderate amount of GB of RAM to have on a notebook running with an OS on Vista?

I rather get answer from this community since I know most of you are and have been involved with computers for decades than getting told "advertising lies" by the sales associates in the stores. I don't want a year to pass by after I buy a notebook and ending up regretting it for it sucks and has poor performance, something I have seen with many of my friends. So all open ideas and recommendations are welcomed from any body out there. Thanks for the help.

MAC MAC MAC, always go Mac if its for school. You don't want your notebook locking up because Gates want more cash when you're typing up a long essay during a college course. Get a MacBook Pro with 4GB of memory and a 7200 RPM 160GB HD and a glossy 15" inch screen and you'll be good for a long time. (This the 2.2ghz Core2Duo MacBook i'm talking about) And it only runs about 2.9k AND you can torrent alot of mac stuff nowadays as Azureus runs on Mac, apparently. I dunno I think it'd be a good investment. Very user friendly, powerful, and beats the prices of most companies like Dell, Alienware, and Gateway as far as I can tell. I was just checking prices on them earlier. Apple has the cheapest price for the hardware in the system, the only downside is its OSX but you can emulate XP so I don't see the big issue there.

Note: if you're using Vista.... you're gunna get assraped by the new Office. It's effing confusing as hell and most of the crap is annoying to port over to the old versions. So unless you have a CD for office 2003 you're going to have alot of hassle to actually make it readable by other people, not to mention have 5 or 6 copies of the same file just because not everyone uses the new version. So if you're gunna get a Windows OS notebook, just reinstall XP until they get Vista all fixed up.