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For all those who own a Wii

SSBB, Super Smash Brothers Brawl is coming out on December 03 2007. It is gonna be the game of the year, especially during christmas time. I hope any1 who owns a wii get this game ASAP.

On a side note

7/30/07 - Mario strikers Charged
9/4/07 - Megaman Starforce League
10/3/07 - Bleach Shattered Blade
11/3 or 7/07 - Fire Emblem, Goddess of Dawn.
Ugh... I have such a gigantic backlog of games to beat/actually play for the first time. I still have like 5 games from around Christmas to even play. Okami, FFXII, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Elebits, and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (I actually started that one yesterday immediately after beating Dawn of Sorrow) at least. Not to mention Super Paper Mario from two weeks ago and the numerous older games I've gotten pretty far in but never bothered to beat.

My life is so difficult.
a wii would NEVER come close to entering my house.

end of.

Why? Are you too insecure or is it something a smidge more reasonable?
yesss i love my wii (the system for all you sick word twisters out there) and i cant wait for SSBB!!!!

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