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Let me know what you think of the banner I'm working on, should I do black and white or color? Did I miss anything? Any gliches? If you hate it and think it's dumb let me know what I can change. Here they are:

its VERY good. Now if you want good details and such, add bullet casings near the mg. You can find some under Counterstrike and use the silver rifle shells. Other then that, the only thing is a personal prefecnce of mine, but crop a little of the top of it where its not needed so you focus on the action and not the empty scenery
You could use a better typeface(s). And you should max out your graphics options for taking screenshots. Also, add the command "jpeg_quality 100" to your config.cfg so you don't have those nasty compression artifacts.
That's all good advice, I'll keep that in mind for the next banner/picture I make. How exactly do you put blood on people in gmod 10 besides just shooting them? Oh, and legendofchaos13 as soon as I saw the tree I thought I gotta put a guy in there. Thank you all for your contribution and I'll post some others soon.
use the paint tool to spray blood. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! There is no way to get rid of the stuff from the paint tool unless you download a paint remover from facepunch. I did see one, dont remeber the link though :(
yeah and the mg looks a little crooked..and why is there a well there? lol kinda funny
when I first started I was looking through the props and found a well and wanted to see if I could put a body in it (don't ask me why I was curious about that). So then after I put down the well I put the soldier on it and I was like hmm.... I just got an idea. As for the mg I don't really know how to get them to not collide, I found the tool but it never seems to work for me.

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