[poll] too many sigs which do i pick >.<


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Sig 1
my newest one

Sig 2
one i got on now

Sig 3
made it in 5 minutes

Sig 4

wtfxxxxx do i do nowz0r
The third one is definitely the worst of the bunch. You still have the white halo around... that guy... and the textile texture effect is tricky to pull off without looking poor.

You also have some edge issues in the second (your current one) sig. The drop shadow could also be improved, but I can't picture any specific improvements at the moment.

In the first one, I would remove the drop shadow of your name, it looks out of place. And maybe try reducing the noise effect in the drop shadow of the left guy.

As it is, I'd pick the fourth one because it doesn't have any specific errors and it's comedic, which is always a nice change of pace. But if the first and/or second were improved, I'd probably pick them instead.

One last thing: don't be so reliant on filters for your backgrounds and don't be afraid to move away from the archetypal rectangular sig.
the picutre i had to work with had a white backround so the edges are really hard to get off with our some residue
also the back round might add some edge effect due to its colors

and another thing i liek using rectangle sigs with filtered backroudns cause there easy to work with

cause personally id otn really wann spend that much time on a sig i know guys who have killer sigs but spent liek 2 hours on one where i spent 2 hours and made three i like and play some day of defeat

when someone tells me make a sig out of a dod picture im like ugh n i really dont knwo waht to do with em

im probably gonna use the first one cause hes my favorite character in any fighting game
and im probably gonna be making alot of similar sigs with fighting game characters as well cause well i like fighitng games

im just thinking should i cut the size a bit smaller due to the drop shadow not being there
Eh, I'm the opposite. When I make something in Photoshop, it's a labor of love. I just have to work on it to perfect it and I'll love every second of doing so. My only problem is that I never have ideas for a piece of 'art', I only do utilitarian things like sigs or fixing up pictures.

Anyway, I forgot to say that I edited the drop shadow in that sig I posted. I made it look it was actually projected onto the 'other' guy and made it fit into the pixel art/sprite look of the character.
that is also true but i liek thigns simple if things start gettign to complex wheter it be to complex for me in photoshop or to complex looking i dont really like it

otehr sigs that ive tried making that are more complex seem to not look as good or i neve ruse them
the first one isnt anime

the second one isnt anime

the third one is a comic book character

the 4th IS an anime based game get ur facts straight
Yes, but with the exception of #3, they are all stereotypical Japanese style, which is what I think that they mean. They just connect those styles with anime.
yea thats true people usually compared japaense art to only anime

but there is a difference between a drawing made by capcom or snks art team and an anime character like pheonix wright