Tonight's (7/18) scrim info:


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Following are the details of the scrim.

10 pm est / 9 pm cst / 8 pm mst / 7 pm pst

If you can't stay for the entire one (1) hour, please do not attend and then drop out!

The only restriction is that there are only 10 slots on the server reserved for e's, so be there early, it's first come first served. If more than 10 show up, I will check logs to see how long a person has been on the server for, we will kick e's who have been on for the shortest amount of time.

Teams will swap sides half way through the scrim.

The server being used is the Ava server, the map is going to be Flash

The password for the server will be: sealion

Any questions? Post here or PM myself or Drunken Sailor.

I'll see you on the battlefield.
gah i want a scrim against the e's so eG's can fight the eGO's and get the tag back
Should I even bother trying to attend? I know I won't be forced away due to my schedule or anything, but who knows what my connection could do. It's a complete crapshoot, and I can't really use its performance earlier in the day as any indication of what it'll do later on, either.
YES! cant wait, first scrim for me, hiopefully ill get in. Haven't played Flash in a while but I think I'll be fine. See you guys out there! :)
I dont know if i will be there but if I am I am going to rule!!!
Or get owned Or I might do Ok but anyways, I will Kill you baron if you are opposite of me cause you seemed to kill me alot last night
ohh god thank you gio omg youre the best thx for not choosing a custom map i tried to dl both map packs today on my 56k got to 87 and 82 % and my comp locks up
so i will be there and i will dl the map pacls again tonight

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