quick question... which may lead to a long answer.


I made one post
well this is about general glitching, iam a tad confused whats a glitch and whats not a glitch.

1st problem : on avalanche by 2nd axis when people (mainly axis) jump onto the wall and deploy an mg42. what iam confused about is in realiaty it would not be possible to "hug" the wall with only about 1/4 of your body actualy on the wall being supported.

is that a glitch? iam sure you know similar examples.

2nd problem :))
using other players to give boosts. this allows players to reach areas usualy blocked to them. n. Easy example using a boost to get above second axis on dod ava.
i was told the council decided that this was not a glitch and was allowed. just want your opinions on this.

my points for allowing it are: its team work, players working together to defeat the enemy.
And the game may not be able to support character animation of players giving each other leg ups etc. so standing on top of each other is the only possible alternative.

why i feel its not allowed: if you were meant to be in these areas a ladder would be their.
in most clan matches stacking is not allowed. this may differ league to league.
and in many locations in the past where stacking took place fires where put in to damage players. (this is not an option on second axis' base)

different subject: about names that mention drugs such as "crackhead" are these allowed cus ive seen a few like that and lesser ones such as weed.

whats the plicy on this.
I dont know the answer but I do Know on Ava when I am on
axis and in the double windows sometimes someone will be able to somehow get right in front of window from ground and shoot me. I dont know how they do it but they do.
I thik that they are getting a boost onto a window or something. I think this is an example of what you are talking about
By the words of the almighty Artimus, and i quote: "Actually, boosting IS allowed here. Let's not get too confused folks. If nothing is in place, invisible wall or fire, it's legal."
That's just cruel......about your first point: A- if no ones complaining, B- it's not blocked by an invisible barrier...use it as you may, unless it hurts your "realism" consience
so if nothing is in your way its legal? what about near the axis spawn in the cafe it is possible to hop on the umbrellas, to the top of the doorway, onto some windows, land on a roof, jump on a light post, and end up on the building with a chimney. none of these are block by any sort of barrier what so ever. legal? or not?
Boo on B. The maker of the maps we play on are generally against boosting or they wouldn't toil in efforts to block access to points overalooking spawns in the first place. Sucks that boosting is permitted, but Im not a decision-maker, so I'll deal with it.