Computer locks up

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My comp locks up for no reasons or it goes to the blue screen of death sometimes no reason why...
and most times its when its idling or basic work, never when playing DODS or cpu/gpu/ram intense games

I have every component installed correctly
all software is installed as good as possibly what a 56k can deliver (i believe its not getting everything in a dl though it says it is, so patches/updates dont work as well)
no viruses or spyware, been defraged every day

OS: XP Pro SP2

any clue why?

ill list specs if need be
Yes does it say the system has shut down to save the computer from damage due to ________________ if this is the first time seeing this msg blah blah blah. what code did it say in the blank session?
theres a couple times its blank like no reason why but the blue screen is rarer(is it a word? lol) than the system locking up
Yeah Blue Screen usually means hardware issue. Computer locking up randomly... could be drivers or possibly overheating of hardware?
it sounds like your vid card might be on its death bed to me, cuz thats what my system was doin, and since i switched video cards i havent had a problem since
well sadly i cant afford a new vid card to see if it is the problem, saving up for a laptop
but it might be that cause if i press the restart button on the case it causes the vid card to display something like colored static (well just not what its suppose to display)
my vid cards only 1 year old though