resevered slots?


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any chances of getting em on any our servers? cus it can be a pain wating for 20 mins to play.

even if you had to pay for them. do eg and egos get them already?
No reserved slots. If an admin absolutely needs to get in, we can make room. But for example, the server always fills to 32/32 players, they do not cap at 31/32 for a "reserved slot". (as in BF2, etc.)
Exactly. eGO will likely never have reserved slots. If you are eG / eGO and need to get into a server hop on Teamspeak and let one of the higher ups know. We will see if we can make room for you.
I'm kinda glad we don't. I always hated not being able to join some servers when I thought they weren't full but it was a reserve slot.