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Rogue Sniper

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Well since if there is a thread already its probably to deep to dig out
We need to make it a sticky (be easier like xfire names)

well since ill be gone from the 28th of july to the 2nd of Aug, ill be in cali at my friends' and they all have high speed so since im taking my 360 and i have a Live account (i play[ed] at school), i'd like to know some of your Live names

mine: roguesniper389
games: GRAW/2, GoW, Halo2, CoD3, THP8
Mine's Aurens, but I haven't been able to play anything on Xbox Live for like 65 days and my ISP hasn't responded to my emails/phone calls about it so I doubt I'll be back anytime soon. Not being able to play on Live is actually what got me back into DoD:S, actually.
i just got a xbox 360 yesterday i am very new to the xbox console but i manage to make an xbox live account and mine is


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