You think your a Guitar Hero?

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Lt. Fenn

Thought I'd see if there was anyone else out there who has an addiction to rockin' out!
Maybe I'm up for a little point challenge?
i sti nk at guitar. i tried to learn some i have one but i cant get the hang of it to well. plus im totally into heavy metal and it doesnt sound good w/o the drums unless its a solo.
To be clear....
Im talking about the Guitar Hero game for PS2.
I totally suck at real guitar.
Im learning....... slowly.... and it would help if my guitar wasnt at home 3 hours away.
Plus Im a drummer at heart. I played snare in highshool, and learned some trap set also.
i always wanted to have a double bass drum settt sooooooo bad. my friend has one and i can play a few things on his its sooo much more fun than playing guitar.
lmao, banjo, me and melissa play guitar too, trying to start an industrial band is pretty hard where we live, so im trying to play the synth and we want a drum machine so it can be a 2 person band. lol
Never really saw the point of video-games based solely on making music. FPS's are the way to go for me...if I played guitar hero I would be constantly pretending and wishing that my guitar was a rifle....
Heh, guitar hero... I only play fun games, and I was arguably the best trumpet throughout middle school, yet I never practiced. But I played against my will, so I don't play in HS anymore
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