omg i cant play DoD anymore


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i cant play anymore i bought the cd and then after a few months which was the best months ever for gaming it just stopped and it said u have to buy from steam!! And i just got new internet for it!! THIS SUCKS!!
Shoot off a trouble ticket to Valve. Also - try clearing your .blob files out. It sounds like the servers are just flipping out.
How long has this been happening? Because sometimes when I'm having (more than usual) internet problems, all my games will change to 'Preloaded' and I have to restart Steam in order to be able to play anything.
next time it says preload just restart steam, it happens to me almost on a daily basis and all i do is restart steam and it goes back to normal
hmm that usally doesnt happen...maybe try reinstalling steam..but if you got it to work...yay! now i get to kill you :D

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