[poll] Tonight is the night...

I seriously want to get a piece of paper and write "CANCELLED" and tape it on the poster counting down the days. I'd probably get arrested for manslaughter, though.
I saw a news thing about people waiting inline at like 6 am this morning with costumes. I giggled while i ate my hamburger...weirdos.

Can you post a little more in the future? It's not hard to write a sentence or two.
this harry potter thing has gone into madness and only a tm for poor games and not so good movies, its all about money the quailty has been left behind
its not like ive waited in my room for 8 years. i first started reading the books in 6th grade so ive been waiting for each one to come out and its taken 8 years to finally come out with the next one.
I got the new book last night and while the movies are alright the last one was eh. I think the books have always had some pretty good quality. I think Order of the Phoenix was the worst. I really enjoy the new book so far. I'm really excited to see how it ends. Joke all you want I'm an avid reader..use to LOATHE harry potter, but now I thank my 8th grade English teacher forcing me to read it!