WANTED: Radio show host


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I need a host to help kick off my 90's nostalgia show.

-Knowledge of the 90's (Toys, shows, movies, books etc.)
-Ages 16 - 25 prefered
-Good voice

You will be working with me, Halbred, and Crimson King.

Thank you
i would do it... but i am short on the mic... and not sure if i have a good voice lol... i was told i have a radio show host type voice cause it is deep but idk lol maybe
umm didnt i try this already? i kinda just forgot about it. Would a regular mic work? i have a bluetooth headset with built in microphone.

-Knowledge of the 90's (Toys, shows, movies, books etc.)//Uhh i grew up and rocked in the 90's/

-Ages 16 - 25 prefered//Im 19

-Good voice// used to narrate at school events, loud, deep voice. most people are surprised when they hear a skinny white kid with such a manly voice.

-Microphone//Bluetooth headset

-Skype// is that like charisma or personality? sure i have some of that.
lol well get with the program, everyone uses MSN these days.

You guys just have bad skypes and cant use MSN...

Skype is good enough. Everyone uses it to make phone calls.