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Hey guys, my computer managed to totally own itself this morning, so I'll be away from DoD until I either get it fixed, or, more likely, get my new system. Give me three, four weeks, and I'll be back with ya'll. For now, I can still post and chat. See you all soon.
Oh man...what exactly happened? We can try to help. Personally, I've been on computers since 1983, build all my own, and worked as a computer tech for Geek Force (not Squad) for a bit.
Heh. Basically, the motherboard is fried. I looked at it a bit, and the fan by the power supply seems to have died, and without it my CPU overheated. There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly toasted silicon. :/ However, I'll have the other $580 I need for my new system in about a month. Liquid cooling will prevent overheated, eh?
Yeah. Right now my older brother is hooking me up with a P4 system he built, so I'll have a temporary rig. Expect me back sooner than I'd originally planned.
That sucks :(, I just freak out when my computer makes a funny noise, I don't know what i would do if that happened to me :D, thats why everyone needs a s***box just laying around, for when something like this happens, in fact.....i need to make one, BRB :p

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