[poll] Pokemon sapphire version


EGO Is My Life!
I just got the game and who should be my starting pokemon? I' thinking mudkip but i need to know more about them. please tell me more b4 i choose. thanks/
mudkip is the dominant one water//ground type

and Mudshot is just Greatness so never delete when you learn mudshot
i'm a die hard water pokemon dude thingamabobmajg persony. when i played the ga,mes. anysways yes mudkip is the pwnage of the three and just a peliper to kill the teeko in rival fights.
ya my old pokemon on silver was totodile, he is my all time fav. well im gonna start the game so mudkip it is!!!!!
ffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee...who doesnt want a flaming chickin? seriously...oh and the evovled forms of mudkip and treeco are dumb....fire!!!!!!!
tochik is awesome for me , im a fire type so i always go for fire... plus once he gtes to his final evolution he kicks major ass... if u wnt power torchik it is.
You get a bike in Mauville. If you travel around Mauville you'll see a fenced place with bikes.
nvm all i got pased salteport and got my third badge :) oh and i dint know tht, thex striker although mudkip is pretty good offense too
haha i cheated and got all 3 :D oh i did llike my blaziken marshstomp and .......uhh i forget..oo and they were lvl 100 :D
well not really cheat but i bought shappire and ruby or you could just by 2 shappire...but you get a trade link and you have to level up the pokemon before you trade....but yeah thats how got all 3...now if i could just find latias..lol my friend helped me gilitch it so i can track it with the map thing :D i am a shappire god!