Polls, News, and PM's


EGO Is My Life!
Do you guys read the front page?

If you scroll down on the front page, you will see polls and your PM's.

If you have popups blocked in this site and it shows a popup..it means you have a PM. Or a Private Message (like an email).

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY POPUPS other than if you have a Private Message.

We change the news daily and the Polls every other day.

We spend a lot of time on it, so you could at least take the poll when you here and read the front page news.
Yes, I actually learned how to use the PM's recently. Thanks to whoever cleared that up for me! I learned about the Sunday scrim from the PM's.
my homepage is google.com/ig(for my mails) but its the first one in the bookmarks so :D and i refresh the page like every other 5 mins so...
I tend not to scroll. A column on the left side would be ideal. I was in here about a month before I realized ya'll had a shoutbox.
I can tell everyone doesn't know they have PM's because my PM's to them sit un-opened in their inbox but they come to the forums everyday.

So I sent them this PM:

Hey Dude,

It looks like you don't know we have PM's. A PM is a Private Message that works like email on the site. It is an important part of the forums that you will need to use on occasion.

To open it scroll down on the front page till you see the INBOX on the right side of the front page.

Then you click on inbox.....wait a minute...OH GREAT......I just wasted alot of time sending this PM didn't I?

Well at least I foundly found a perfect use for the Frankenstien emote! ARRRRRRRGH
hahaha nice johnt...but if they are reading this..doesnt it mean they should be reading your post? mmmmmmmm i must ponder this
I have this on the top of my bookmarks. I check it like 80 times a day :)

Not enough, check more! :)
Yeah, I got it bookmarked on my computers and cellphone.