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okay i was offered a mac instead of a laptop... but the tech guy at the store i went to said that the graphics on them are not very good. does anyone use a mac for gaming? If so how is it?
Lawl, the graphics on Mac's are great. Well.. I can only vouch for Mac Book Pro's... But yeah.... Unless they're an IT for a living, I'd say just ignore most of what they say. Especially at 'tech' stores. As a general rule, most of those people don't know jack squat about anything other than general crap about computers, hardware, etc. (Not always the case :( )
Dell are the worst you can get. o_O Like... there parts aren't even interchangable... and its a pain in the ass to upgrade them.
Dell are the worst you can get. o_O Like... there parts aren't even interchangable... and its a pain in the ass to upgrade them.

Haha Yup you speak the truth, dells suck so much!!! I had one then i said screw this im building one, did it i'll never go back!!!
you will never be able to install good games cuz they dont support anything.
It's not that the Macs don't support the games; it's that the games don't support the Macs. For instance, you can play Unreal Tournament and Doom on Macs (and Linux :D), so the blame shouldn't be laid on Macs..
Yeah you can play WoW.... Civ IV.... and the list goes on.... Making games compatible with Macs is getting really popular apparently. Civ IV = <3
Naysayers! All of you!

Mac's are actually really stable, rich in features, and there will only be more and more games for them in the future because it is slowly becoming a more dominant platform (Apple is making a HUGE name for themselves with the success of the iPods and the iPhone). This is especially the case with Vista being the next generation Windows platform. When people have a choice between Vista and Mac OS X they are going to say, "Screw it, neither of them support games, might as well go with the better OS."

The biggest problem I see at the moment with Mac's and gaming is the hardware. Apple software only runs on Apple hardware. That means you buy what Apple offers and there is little else that you can do to expand the performance of your machine.
Yeah, other than the upgrade issues, Mac's are fantastic machines. And, if you must (as I do) run DoD Source/HL2, the MacBook Pro, new IMacs, and their big towers, all run the game with absolutely no problems via Boot Camp or Parallels.

The anti-mac views within the gaming world in general are very outdated, and at this point, quite absurd. They're fantastic machines.
I was all-apple through the late 80s, early 90s before switching back to PC. I have since tried mac again every couple years, and they are horrible, buggy, poorly-made, counter-intuitive machines.

My last attempt, just for example, was buying a $1,800 iMac...the one where the monitor has the actual computer built in...the big nice pretty looking one. After spending 48+ hours on the phone with tech support because the thing wouldn't work, I took it back.

I'm sure I'll try again in the future. I want to like mac again, but it defies me every time.

For now, I'd rather have a computer than a mac.
I love my macbook. But I also love my PC that I game on. Anyone that says a mac is rubbish really does know much about them.

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