Also Guitar Hero-co op Freebird

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Last night at a new lan center here in Dallas my friend and I got 1,019,103 on Freed bird co-op both of us on Expert I was the one that got 93 percent my friend got 89. (sorry if its hard to see, it was on a projector and the camera had flash.)

hahahaha emo your terrible..i play freebird on hard for fun! hahahahah!

But you are a way better than us though ;)
yes i much for january..(spent the whole month playing) :D hehe...aww damduck it i want to go play it...but the 54 inch broke!!! nooooo!!!! well it works but the red projection is off and my mom keeps forgeting t call the tv guy! so i cant play any of my xbox 360 games with out getting a headache :(