eGO Panel Release



Latest Version: Version 1.0

What is it?

eGO Panel is a simple little program I wrote that bundles together a lot of features from the eGO community. As of this initial release, it features a eGO browser complete with handy shortcuts, an eGO server monitor with connect capabilities, and an embedded chatroom.

I'm releasing this as a test build and would like some input on the program before I expand it.



Pay very close attention to the following steps.

1. You will likely need to install the .Net and J# frameworks in order for the program to run properly. Please download them here:

2. First install the "DotNet Framework" followed by the "JSharp Framework."

3. Download the program using the banner above.

4. Unzip the folder anywhere on your computer and open up "eGO Panel."


If the program is crashing on startup, make absolutely sure you have installed the two frameworks properly. Additionally, the "IrisSkin2.dll" must be in the same directory as the exe. If the problem still happens, please let me know.

If you seem to have lost the panel after opening it, it has likely minimized to the system tray. Double click the little cogwheel icon to restore it.

Changelog / Patch Notes

Version 1.0:
- First release.

Thanks, and enjoy! Let me know if you have any suggestions or stumble across any bugs in the program.

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