mop's trip to the ER


Obey your master
So I'm eating at Chillis. I'm enjoying a nice steak quesadilla and I notice "hey, I can't swallow!". A piece of steak got caught in my throat but didn't stop my breathing, I just couldn't swallow. So, after 30 min of puking in the bathroom I went to a doc-in-a-box health center across the street. Basically they said "go to the ER now". Lol

So I get to the ER and they rush me into the back. I mean I got red tagged and everything. The hook me up for vitals and stick an i.v. in my arm. The nurse said "are you afraid of needles?" to which I replied "I have 3 tattoos so not at all". They pumped me full of something to induce vomiting and something to loosen up my esophagus. The chunk of meat came up.... but got stick in my windpipe for a sec and cut off my breathing. It was only a second though but scared me.

Basically, I have something called a stricture in my through. A part of my esophagus blocks food from going down from time time - but it's never been this bad. Usually I can take 2 drinks and I'm fine. However, now it's at the point to where I'm at risk of my esophagus rupturing - which could kill me. So, this week I have to go to a GI and see what needs to be done. They said it can easily be fixed with a simple 10 minute procedure thankfully..... but it involves a scope, a big tube, and me being knocked out.
My dad has that problem... he just choked the other day... but yea it is scary when you cant breathe... couple years ago 3 days before my bday i had an asthma attack and couldnt breathe... i was coughing so much and i couldnt really inhale, they put me on albuterol... now i am diagnosed with asthma after that lol... i never take my medicine but i keep the albuterol with me just incase :p
Hey man JUST DO WHAT MY IN-GAME NAME SAYS SPLIT YOUR FOOD!, well a little more i guess. What chili's? (city, state) I wanna know because my mom is a server at the Chili's in Moreno Valley, California
hahaha! now i know your name!

LOL It was already in his roster profile. :p

Glad to hear you're doing better, mop... Now aren't you glad I didn't make a "typical fluffy" comment to this one?
Well hey, maybe you could use your red tag to pick up chicks.

"Hey baby... I almost died yesterday. I don't know if I should be alone tonight..." *revs v-rod*
Well hey, maybe you could use your red tag to pick up chicks.

"Hey baby... I almost died yesterday. I don't know if I should be alone tonight..." *revs v-rod*

I'm riding to a pool hall tonight with some friends and I fully intend on rocking the tags. Haha.

Don't expect me to be on much for a while. I'm guessing this thing they gotta do to me is going to suck 19 different kinds of arse.
Hey baby, i almost died last week. My whole life flashed before my eyes. Which is weird because it showed my past and future. Which might i add i see you in my future. Lets bone.

the ultimate pickup line.
its a once a week thing for me, and everytime i do its usually me chowing down on some good ol' canadian bacon (NOT HAM! REAL BACON! to the americans)

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