scim pics and Azn Pinoy pic that he told me to take


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the pryamid everyone had rockets lol xD

ya ther germans screwing it up :(

lol everyone had machine guns and let the germans capture all the flags ecept the first we had like 13 mgs on the tank and other places lol xD

Azn Pinoys pic he told me to take and then right after that i died lol :)

hope u guys like it and it was sooo fun i would have stayed longer but i went to the movies :(
Nice pics chaos. I told you to take a quick pic because i was gonna die. I had 9 health and right when u took the pic the nade by me exploded. It took so long to get everything setup specially on the bridge cuz it was so tempting to kill evryone.

On tha 2nd pic i think that was my body...
lol the donner was better when baron threw that grenade and i came from behind and owned
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lol good pics i can spot myself in all but the axis blowing every1 up cause i got killed

Lol yah, that's my body