for baron :D


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this is as close i could get unless you wanted a giant horse or a barrel with posts for legs

You should of gave him a fish to put in the other hand but it still is cool!!!

yes a <><!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im sure you could find a custom model of a donkey from somewhere (or persuade some talented person here to make one)

I think i have seen one for a cod floating aboutt he interweb a while back...
at the minute i am doing some research into finding a donkey model becasue i wasnt to see this get finished!

I couldnt find much on the facepunch website so googling i have found a few things that have a little potential. I however dont really know how to use the advanced 3D graphical things so i will just post my findings here and maybe some of you guys could check them out/work on them??

If any of you guys can work with them (especially the last 2 links) i would be very interested in finding out how to do it aswell.

Hope this helps