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Well guys, I wont be here for the this week. Why?! Oh I'm going to hell, otherwise known as football camp. :( Cant wait. pffff! lol Well I'll see you guys in a week. Play lots of DODS for me. :) Ill be running, training, drilling, and up-downing. Wish me luck guys. PEACE! Happy Hunting.

lol football = women sport play soccer :)

Dude if i was there when you typed that, i woud have gotten down in a 4 point stance, bear crawled into the room and tackle you in the face. Soccer is a weenie sport. whats up with shin guards anyways...
dude football camp is hella fun!!! what are you talking about HELL.. im a former all around Varsity back in HS.. dnt worry its all good
In a pro game of football(4 16 min quarters) the players are only moving or actually playing for around 18 to 20 min unlike in soccer were u do play 90 min. Go play a real sport. GO RUN.
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