Just to clear it up...


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Just fyi...this is no big deal to me at all, but...

my name is pronounced R.A.Matheson, the first two letters are my first two initials

Richard Alden Matheson

:) I go by that name (r.a.matheson) online and all that because I am a writer and the name Richard Matheson was taken already. He wrote Stir of Echoes, I am Legend, What Dreams May Come, 16 Twilight Zone episodes, Twilight Zone the Movie, and a ton of other stuff.
I think I spent about 15 minutes trying different ways to pronounce your name, and none of them came out the way you just told me..I don't think I would have guessed that one..
I prefer to say it as one word, it rings of intrigue and wondrousness. Almost like a myhtical character from some untold tale of honour and downright delectable-ness

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