CO hurt himself

My CO was supposed to come back from leave today, but it turns out he hurt himself pretty badly parasailing. He broke his left fibula and tibia and his right femur. So, while he's in the hospital, I keep command of my station. So, that means I will barely be on for the next few weeks. I'm still mad at the guy who decided to promote me to Lt. Col. I was perfectly happy as a major, and I wouldn't have been eligible for station command. All you noncoms out there, enjoy it, being an officer really isn't that great except that we get you guys to order around.
Blind, trust me, being the boss SUCKS. BHS, I only use the Frenchies for stress relief, they dont really count lol.
i like being boss :)
Aww... I came into this topic with high hopes for a comical story about how an accomplished illeist managed to embarrassingly injure himself. I leave disappointed. Compassionate, but disappointed nonetheless.