5 servers or 6?


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do we have 5 or 6 servers? in my favorites i have only 5. it would be great if some one could make a post saying wut server name and ip each of the server are under, thanks.
I don't think we are keeping the old Kustom Kettle server and will be moving it to the new box.
wow thats way too many for us right now, thats probably why.

Or what I said...
ok thanks dom, in my favorites all that i have is:
meet and greet kalt
i cant seem to find the donner meet and greet
The current KK server will remain only until the end of the summer, at which point the term of service on it will expire, and so it will be shut down.

However, the Kustom Kettle rotation will be moved over to the new server as soon as it is setup, and the old (current) KK server will be used for something else (what that something else will be, has yet to be decided).
the screenie is too far, i can't see it

Click on it.