Awww yeah wakeboarding!


EGO Is My Life!
Here are some pics of me wakeboarding.

awww yeah rock awwwn!!

Gettin some sweet air!!

tell me what you think or post your own pics!!
lol i just realized you can see my house in the background of the second one. if you look at the tip of the wakeboard it is touching my neighbors house. mine is on the left!
Dude my parents would never let me have that kind of a desk layout. But I love it cuz its like a gaming layout.
lol computer laptop and tv with wireless mouse a couple of other things neatly piled up. at least its not that bad =P. cool pics outbreak.
Well at home, I have a nice view of my neighbors house and a willow tree in my front yard =D. I have a friend that lives on the water though! Lol, that's cool though Outbreak. I'll have to go visit you sometime! Haha.