I can has hax?

Mr. Chair -TR-

EGO Zealot

Almost all kar, except for the first 80 kills. xD


Nice little 5-1 K/D.

After all of my pro gaming years I have to say one thing... Great skills ever played any leagues? You must have been playing DOD for awhile now
Thats not bad Mein.. I wish iv played longer like you I would be just as amazing but hey iv only been playing for 4 days and im arleady top15 on KALT.. imagine if I had those much months... I would be mad insane =)
dude i swear to god when i joined eGO and i played with you i thought you hacked........... now i realize your the best player in eGO. lol.
:( why kamphy! how do you do it?
[/quote1185234276]Just be thankful you werent on the allies. -_-

And no, blindsfell, I'm not the best player in eGO. =\

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