making sigs


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well since i have been asked a few times i think i will make some gmod pics for you guys :D.....but if you want it as a sig you might have to ask some one else to crop and size and put words on. But i will work on just say your ideas..oh i need the map..what is going on and any other details
I want to see the bloodiest picture ever. just a americna bazooka guy having blown up like 50 germans in the middle of avalnche. that would be sick
done check it out
well you said 50 i did 47 or so cuz my game was lagging but the whole screen?...whoo glad i saved it :D
Can you get a pic with 2 people, 1 Ally and 1 Axis. They're standing on the opposite sides of the bridge in Kalt and they kill each other with a sniper?

Oh yeah, who makes sigs?
well im trying to see if anyone could put the words, size it and stuff like that...but i'll make the pic for the sig.
Can they both die at the same time?

That's all I want, 2 snipers, 1 ally, 1 axis, on opposite sides of Kalt bridge. They fire and kill each other at teh same time.

Rest is up to yoU!

Morbid, so can you size it, words, etc. when Death is done with the pic?