Tonight's (7/24) scrim info:


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Tonight's scrim is e's v. eG's. It will take place on the AVA server at 10 pm est / 9 pm cst / 8 pm mst / 7 pm pst.

The winner of this match takes on eGO's tomorrow night for the tag, so I would organize, plan, and act as a team.

The map for tonight's match will be Avalanche.
Sides will be swapped halfway throught the round.
If there is a tie at the end of the 60 minute time limit, then there will be a 5 minute sudden death extension. If there is still no victor at the end of this "overtime", then we resort to melee only, and the first team to cap all flags melee only wins.
If the match makes it to melee only, and someone happens to through a grenade, or shoot the other team, the offender will be kicked from the server, no exceptions.

The password for tonight's scrim will be: barbarossa

Any questions, post here or pm myself or Drunken Sailor.

I'll see you on the battlefield.
Password has been included. btw, for all first timers, I would advise you guys to show up atleast 30 minutes early, because around the time of the scrim the server gets absolutely packed. Wait times can exceed 20 minutes as you get close to scrim time.
Wow, I'm surprised at the amount of complaining in this thread. :-(

Sure, you may enjoy some maps more than others, but they are all good.

Just my 2 cents. :)
Sounds good! Count me in, I'll be on early to get my Avalanche skills back up, haven't played on that map in a long time.
true that AVA aint that much of a fun map, but once you get into the scirm mindset, take out your gun and sniff the stenchy smell of fear on your e opponents, you will soon be loving it
Yeah, yeah, I know I'll enjoy it (assuming I can play) due to the fact that it's a scrim and the camaraderie and all, but it doesn't change the fact that it could be better.

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