[poll] Chat Room!

-=KA=- Fry

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You know that song from that old show Cheers?

You wanna go where everybody knows your name.

This is a universal truth for all mankind without exception. That means when you're feeling down or you're feeling great, the best place in the world to be is in the company of a bunch of half-drunken, sarcastic regulars at a local bar. Well the chat room is kind of like that. So log on today and let the camaraderie begin.
I can't use it. I typed in a nickname (Yoo-Hoo!) but it went back to the login screen before anything appeared in the right list for me to click on.

EDIT: Nevermind, I must have misread, I need to click on the left. I now have the window up with the Room Registration and Room Options tabs, but the Registration one isn't loading.
That name might be taken. Don't be discouraged by not being able to log in! Try a clever re-lettering of your current name or something similar. Whatever you do, do not despair and ask for help if you need it.
No help, Shane? The Registration Options still don't load and I've tried other names (a few were even just random gibberish).
Yeah, but you really have to be prepared for some strange conversations... LMAO

So far I've talked Ghosts with Baron, tofurky with Food, got abandoned by Shane, and won a gross out contest.

Yep yep.. Good times!!!