Yeah I have to leave the clan guys. I loved playing when I had the time and stuff when I was homeschooled, but I don't have the time anymore. School is starting back up, I've got a new boyfriend that I'm always talking to and trying to see, I got a car so I'm out a lot and stuff, I've got band practice a lot and shows that we play that we have to practice for, and I just don't have time anymore. Also something is wrong with my DoD and I lag so bad I can't even get into the server. So yeah with that being said, last summer and on until about February, I had a great time playing and it was great to get to know the few of you that I did. I love you guys! If anyone needs to get into contact with me for any reason, or you just want to say hi (God only knows why), email me at [email protected] Bye guys and thanks for letting me play when I did!

P.S. Please stop sending emails to my account about PMs! And/or just delete my account. Thanks.
Take care of school and friends/family first, Melissa.

About the PM notifications, those are sent automatically. If you want to change it, go into your account settings and remove the email address.
[quote1185384121=Blue Cheese]
LAter man.

She's a woman. Give her some respect. ~:( Anyway, even though I don't know you I wish you luck on life's challenges and hopefully you will go through fine. Sorry to hear that you have to go but sometimes to move on in life you have to let go of things that mean some thing to you. In my case it was my 4 doberman dogs. Good luck and best wishes to you! ;)
Thanks guys to all of you! And thanks also to the people I didn't know who said bye to me anyways! That's sweet of you guys. And thanks John for doing that. I'll miss you guys! And I'll definitely try to come back and visit sometimes! I'll still have DoD downloaded onto my computer, lol. Bye guys!