Scrim result


EGO Is My Life!
eG wins 5 - 1 in possibly the laggiest scrimmage ever!!! That means we take on the eGO tomorow at 7 pm pactime, 10 pm eastern time. eG got off to a quik lead 2 - 0 as allies. then we got one more. As we were about to switch the e's pulled a win back. When the first half was over the e's went allies. The fought hard but it wasn't enough. The eG's pulled 2 more wins to finish off the e's. gg to all and see you tommorow.
God dangit. So many e's or eG's there that when my comp just restarted out of nowhere, some dude/dudette took my dang spot. Sooo, I'll make my chance of going to the eGO vs eG scrim from 85% to 64%. :p
it won't be as bad because there were a ton of e's trying to get in. since there are fewer eg's than e's and even fewer ego's it be as bad. the lag was from all the people trying to get into the server and stuff.
I was completely unable to sniper which I thought would make me super crappy. Amazingly I pulled some skill out of my but with the Assault class. :) yay!
we did try very well but, i had a good idea of who was gonna win. good job eGs, and good luck with your next fight.
It was fun, good job eG. To be perfectly honest, e's were down 17 vs 15 for most of the match, but it was still hard fought
Yeah, the teams were off a soldat or two through a lot of the match, but they put up a great fight! Tomorrow will be great.

Thanks for the great match.
I was bummed out that I couldn't play, cuz I had a session during the same time. Bummer... I could have turned the tide for the e's... lol... jk... but I would have taken a mighty good few down with me. ;)

Btw, just for the record, not trying to say that that's why you lost Quacker, but teams don't matter. The Carthaginians had half the size of the Romans at the battle of Cannae, but still massacred them... I think the same could be said for being down one or two players. :D
congrats to the eG's yall played good. but hey we got one of them at least, and I must say the lag helped me stay alive in the middle running around like a maniac =D. Cookiefreak you owe me some cookies for not letting you set up your MG in the apts. was great fun, good luck tomorrow against th eGO's
yeah, the lag was intense. The riflemen suffered the most, after snipers, I would say. I play rifleman exclusively, and it's funny because I am much more accustomed and better as Axis. With the bolt action rifle, which is much more susceptible to lag, I actually did better despite the lag since I'm better with it than the M1 , lol.