Scrim Lag


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It was a very good scrim... but i was annoyed by some of the e's blaming the lag for doing bad... We were all playing on the same server and we all had to go through the same lag... We all knew it was bad and inhibited some playing, but it inhibited everybody not just you... And one other thing, if its lagging dont threaten to leave... I was shocked when i heard that, you're there to have fun, and constantly complaining about lag and blaming it for you guys losing is not the way to have fun....
Yeah, i have too say it was laggy. but that was only some peoples opinion, others said it was good cus germans can run faster so we had a better chance of living :)
I'm not saying it wasnt bad lag... it was....and im not blaming everyone for it... i just didnt like the few who was threatening to leave cuz of the lag... and constantly saying how bad the lag was
Yeah, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Everyone was experiencing it, and so it worked both ways.
just cause my ping was 250 - 350 it was not me ...
i was hitting lag later on in the scrim too but in the first half none so i think u all were seeing stuff... lol
Im not blaming any one for anything... it just greatly disappointed me that they were saying stuff like that

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