Filming session

lol, blazing I think you should make a thread for news about like eGO neadigg more eGO's for filming. Things will get done faster, theres no point in having filming if your just going mess around..
Dude, when I went for filming in the server, no one was doing anything, we kept doing competitions using wierd weapons. And blazing kept using his admin to cheat on them. Lol. But seriously, it was a waste of a few hours when I went. We need more camera people.
That is the point, we can't film unless we get more filmers on, plus reve and morbid. And I only cheated on nades,won no scope, support one shot and rocket fairly
yep yep yep yep!!!

good deal good deal

no more clowning around !!

so does that mean i can join the movie with no Freaking Admin Abuse?????!!
Because he has to clean the MG on his Donkey, srsly tho. :(

I should seriously be put in charge of admin-use on the Filming server. :3 I could totally cut the admin abuse by half.... Bans and other forms of punishment for admin abuse = Salvation