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hello to all eGO members.

i am mr.brightside.

im in a clan called.

were dods clan,
i have ben playing on yours server.
and was wondering if you guys would like to do a scrim.

we have a site,

it is

feel free to check it out.
and post a forum if your interested.

i assure were not some clan that will bail at scrim time or complain,
we are all very mature.

if anyone would like our ip adress to play on our server your more then welcome to come on in,

i hope we can have a friendly scrim.

well let me know,

oh okay then, its no big deal, i was just wondering if you guys did,

if its allright i would still like to play on yalls server,

and you yeah you guys our welcome on our server anytime.
Sorry Mr brightside, we might come and visit but no can do on the scrim thing. Why dont you join us and you can scrim all you want :)
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