top 11 victims of slayr

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Poster Extraordinaire
1 4876 =(eGO)= Kendle 36 22 1.64 999.74
2 5045 =(eG)=CString33 25 23 1.09 993.74
3 215 -Flags not Frags- 25 27 0.93 1000.00
4 2 Noyade 22 28 0.79 1328.95
5 8563 Kardinal72 22 12 1.83 851.69
6 214 =(e)=Inexity 22 18 1.22 1000.00
7 9080 danzan 20 11 1.82 795.40
8 1693 =(eGO)=Britkit 19 20 0.95 1000.00
9 6271 =(e)=fuzzybunnyslippersofdoom 19 27 0.70 953.68
10 4785 -=R|P=-Osa 16 10 1.60 1000.00
11 95 -=R|P=-Kamakize Tommy=(eGO)= 15 14 1.07 1012.54

looks like kendle is my bullet magnet
uh oh, Slayer found the stats page. And maybe I should take off that new red and white magnet helmet Johnt gave me.
Where can you find the stats page? Kendle, you used to have a link to it, but it doesn't work for me anymore. I'd like to see my stats as I'm currently #1 in the server ranking system.
Having Kendle in the number one slot doesn't count. EVERYONE kills Kendle alot!
I don't kill Kendle a lot...can't remember a time I would have :(
Can't wait for a new stats page to look at for hours. *drools*
Anyway....Good I ain't in that list.
I can honestly say I've killed Artimus, Kendle, Slayr, and Sushi, when he was here, all at least once. Woot :p took a while to actually kill Artimus, let alone see him playing on the server rather than idling lol.
See John, someone noticed that I DO idle in the server.

Ahh.... the devious idle plan of JohnT.....
hah, yea...i kill everyone alot, im probably not ranked as good as melissa, because i play under her steam ID i barely play at my house, and i tink it goes by steam ID, so hers will be high :p i hope..>_>
ive always noticed that you idle art. i see you johnt and kendle do it often. haha so i noticed as well. ive htink ive killed most of the admins. i know i have killed art multiple times ;) and so does he haha.
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