Scrim result


EGO Is My Life!
eG takes the win 3 - 0 in strand over eGO. The O's were outnumbered but fought bravely. It was the opening of our new strand server. GG to all and see you next time. We were lucky to get the scrim going due to too many eG's. I would like to personally thank all the eG's that gave up their spot.

p.s. fix the dogtag
gg guys, the way you guys got off the beach and took the flags at the same time was outstanding!

Sry to the guys on ava...I went to check the forums, then to the server but couldn't leave because I didn't know the password.
Thanks to my mp40 skillz you couldn't blow up flak! Muahaha My mg skillz prevented you from sniping Muahaha
Nah good game as always :p
lol, i kept tellingg them not to fire that one yet but sure enough they got someone. and unfortunatley it was you neo jed :(
That mortar back by the big gun, you can actually fire it off and sprint under the blast zone if you're quick enough though lol.
Good job eG's. And great game. I think it was a good idea to play on the strand server, cuz we need more people to notice it because no one is on. Shocking, yes, but ironically both the Kustom Kettle and the 24/7 Strands are vacant since Strand was taken out of the Kustom Kettle rotation. I think the regulars are bummed that Strand is no longer there, but don't realize the new server.