RAmatheson's funny joke


EGO Is My Life!
during the scrim they were about to call of the scrim so we were all saying wut we skipped for it. Our conversation went something like this:
blindsfell: i skipped baseball practice and computer time for this weekend
Fry: i skipped my date
and then
RAMatheson: I took my child off life support for this

OMG i was lmao so hard. In fact i still am as i write this.
enjoy :)
I specifically said that CHAPLAIN skipped a date to be at the scrim, not me. I would never do something that ridiculous.
I skipped uh.... nothing. Skipping any real-life obligation for a video game match is absurd. I say that with nothing but love of course. :)
haha gotta plug in your computer somewhere!

lol outbreak thats just mean :p

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