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If you would like a sig, with a DOD:S scene, go to death's thread. Here I will make photoshop cs2 sigs, and an example of what it may turn it out like is my sig. Of course I can change all the colors, use a different render, ect. BTW, I forgot a border. =| I won't forget that on yours.

When you request a sig, please provide me a render of your choice. A great selection of renders is at I will try to make everyone's sig, but give me time. I'm not going to spend my life doing this.

Post your requests in the following format please.

Render URL:
Prefered color:

there are ALOT of ppl makeing things for other ppl like aviators and sigs... the best person for aviators is outbreak... there are alot of ppl wanting to make ppl sigs it all started with dominion makeing it for eGO and he offered his skills to eG's if they provided the pic he would then crop it and such... I opened up the whole thing to everyone eGO's, eG's, and e's about 2 mounths ago since then there have been ALOT of ppl wanting to make ppl's sigs... so dont feel bad whenever u dont get anyone
Outbreak is making aviators? Hmmm...I wonder why there is such a shortage of pilots in the airline industry still...

I'm just kidding with you, but I believe you mean "avatars".
you might get a few people but everyone in the community seems content with there GARRYS mod sigs so i bet only a couple actually ask you

but i will say that some of them are rather funny

i tried pmming u but i messed up ><
Yo can i get a sig with earthbound (the game il pm what pic) and the way you have yours buy with diff text.

Well, Since you didn't send me a pic, lol, I made one with just Ness.


How do you like it?

And to drunken baby, i need more detail lmao.

Unfortunately my name is classic im trying to get the named changed ive always wanted to make a sig like that but here


can you just have the saturn in their same text and everything but with him my name and the boing part ty sooo much dude
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