T_N Warrior

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It's me. I have just joined to become a part of the regular community.

You may have heard of my comrade T_N Captmorgan. We run together. We die together. We are always in vent when we play. If you see us playing, you can rest assured that we are in vent talking about the things that happen.

I play CS:S too.

BTW: T_N is not a clan. It is but a tag the two of us wear. It lets you know we are a team.
ok guys... first of all if you guys want to join the clan(not sure whether you do or not) you gotta post on the johnt's recruiting office but first read all the stickies and tell us about yourselves...

btw you guys are some serious killing machine... nice playing on donner with you guys :D
welcome bud good to see that u joined had fun playing with u on donner yesturday and hope to see u on a lot more

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