CAMP2 RELEASED! Download and play it now

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The Community Assembled Map Project (CAMP) is pleased to announce the second release: CAMP2 Pack. This pack includes five maps representing a nice cross-section of play styles and themes. The maps themselves are considered to be some of the top Day of Defeat: Source custom maps available today and includes one brand new map! Although the CAMP team is wholly responsible for the content of this release it would not have been possible without the assistance, encouragement, and support from our friends at Valve.

Each map has been tested for exploits, errors, accurate scoring and all have been re-worked during this process by the original level designers or a designer-endorsed successor. The CAMP team itself is a diverse set of level designers, server operators, league managers, modelers, testers, and overall long-term community members who have worked together over the last few months to bring you CAMP2.

Every CAMP release will include high quality maps that explore different game styles as we hope to bring new vitality, interest, and variety to this great game! CAMP2 can be downloaded from the list of fine communities below, all of whom will be featuring the maps in their server rotations. Please patronize the communities that have helped with this significant effort!

This is now running on the new Kustom Kettle server:

Go. now. Immediately.

I'd like to point out that from looking at the stats, almost half the clan has never stepped "foot" into the custom server. So I ask of you to please open your minds. Don't just sit on one or two maps all day... try something new and exciting. Don't worry so much about your score and your rank, or impressing leadership in hopes of being promoted. In fact, you'll impress us more by helping us get new servers going, and showing an interest in new projects.

Come on guys, get out there and support our community. Do yourself a favor, get in that server! These maps are very well done, and are extremely fun to play. Plus they all play differently, so the maps suit anyone's playing style. I'll be in there as soon as I can get home from work!
The maps are fantastic. You're really missing out if you don't try this pack out!

Edit: Updated download buttons to point to download page :p
We got 20 people in the server already. Lets get a full load so we can really test the maps!
Unfortunately, I haven't been following the CAMP project. I just never got back into custom maps after my months of absence from DoD.

But I digress, I just wanted to ask what makes Crash a 'bonus' map?

I'll be sure to jump in the server as soon as I'll be able to play online (about 12AM EST).
Awesome! I can't wait. It will be nice to try some new maps. Just this morning I was on Kalt like I usually am, and thinking that I'd try some new environments. I had to go to class though, so couldn't just then, and now I'm out of commission for a couple days due to a procedure I'm having done. I'll be there Friday night/Satuday though!

Fun fun!
Auto Installer is now ready!

Love Tunisia and Stug, and we all already know Churchyard is great. I have yet to play Aura, but looking forward to doing so soon. Not really a fan of Crash...
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