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Many of you guys have a picture or a moving picture under your signature. Such as =(eGO)= Food Fight has the guy screaming "FOOD FIGHT". Well I'm trying to make something like that but with just a picture but it doesn't work help me! And Thanks for your time.
What do you mean it doesn't work? Could you explain a bit more?
Are you having problems making the image? Hosting the image? or actually posting the image in your sig?
i got mine from photobucket...and in my profile settings, i pasted the URL link in the Signature/Timezone, than highlight the link and click the lil tree u see below, than save the settings
have a link to the image then paste it in your signature section. then put "img" in front and "/img" in back of the link but instead of quotes, put brackets.
To add onto what Outbreak said...

[ img]http://www.imageurlgoeshere.com[ /img]

Just remove the spaces in the brackets.
The code-posting interface sure is disappointing here, eh Morbid?

And you guys can post tags if you just put empty bold tags inside of them.
[img]Image URL goes here[/img]

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