dod s gmod contest

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alright ill be starting a contest!! whoever can make a good day of defeat source gmod pic will get some good korean food emailed to you! add a quote
here's my pic

*allied assasins*
Man I wish I could...I'm bad at making stuff in friend is *ok* at it...I think. Nice pic.
Really need some aiding in making stuff at gmod.
Yeah I have it, its pretty fun just to mess around with if your bored. I love teh thrusters, strap a couple onto a headcrab and you got urself hours of fun :D:D
Damn I only have HL2 for the Xbox...long story. There's absolutely no way you can use it without the full HL2 game on your PC?
mobster u gotta have half life 2, counter strike, and half life 2 deathmatch to properly run the mod... u can have dod s and install a mod for gmod that puts in dod s characters
no such thing as a mod on an xbox (correct me if im wrong) and i dont think an xbox is powerful enough to handle all the ragdolls and stuff (i just like to fill the whole map up with thousands of ragdolls and make my fps go down to 1 :p) and half life 2 is only 30 buks on steam, or around 10 in stores or ebay. if u can run dod s, u can run half life 2
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