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Ok, this is a bad problem which inflicts my gameplay too much. At first it wasn't often, now it comes all the time I play DoD:S. I have been noticing lately that every time I aim, and sometimes not even aim needed, my mouse created a white crosshair in place of the original crosshair and when I try to shoot it crashes to my desktop...and my game is still on. Then when I join back I'm already dead :( I took a pic of it, but it crashed so it doesn't show the white crosshair. So I had to circle with Photobucket to show where it comes.
Any help appreciated, since now I can only use automatic guns :( And having already with them as well.

EDIT: Thanks nox, it works now.

So, please tell me what to do. :((
First of all, instead of IMG, replace it with img, no capital letters. Secondly, I'm not quite sure about the problem. Steam is riddled with problems, which is probably pertaining to your case as well. I've never seen anything like this on the support page though.
Hmm.. I found out it may not be a steam problem, couple of friends of mine said it is because of a virus... and since the problems started a week ago on wednesday, when my big bro's friend used this computer...the virus struck...everytime he is on our comp, we have viruses :(
Man that sucks, hopefully it comes to an end soon. Try doing what I said though: change
to [/img]
Anyway, It bothers me in Mg now, but I know a way to avoid it...well just and just. I need to press fire 3 does not shoot but takes the white crosshair away ^^ But then It comes again when I aim ^^
I still used mg and had 18-3 and 12-1 in two diff maps ^^
Whee..then it struck and mine was 12-23 again in a new map. Sometimes I can play for hours without the problem..sometimes it struck minute by minute speed.
If it comes and goes I would start looking at background processes and closing anything not needed for gaming. Some mice come with drivers/programs that are supposed to "make" life a little more easy. Problem is that the program running the mice often conflict with the binds in games.

If you have a mouse program running in the background, try and disable it. Also, in DOD/CS:S/HL2 there is a "mouse smoothing" option. Some systems do not like this option.

- close/pause any anti virus, spyware, torrents, filesharing, AIM/MSN/YAHOO (memory hogs), ect.

*UPDATE* your video card drivers!

- Try to use the same screen size and refresh rate from desktop to DOD. (sometimes helps) Also try different screen resolutions making sure you are using opengl not d3d.

- Download Diskeeper 15 trail and defrag your hard drive. DO not use the windows defrag program, its junk.

Question for you. Are you using any custom skins, sprites, weapon mods?
No, I use no skins, sprites nor mods. I found the reason why I had it, every time I aimed, my comp started a search program called JiWeq, I closed it now, and It works again, but I think It will be popping up soon again, so I have to close it then again.
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