Process of making a custom sig.

Jack Rot

Well 1st off i begin with getting images of my choice. i got 3 diffrent ones for this sig.
First one is the rising sun.

Next off, a samurai.

Last is Samurai vs Dragon

i dont remember what steps i did but ill
make a new layer>8 width and 2 height>add the sun over it>deleted white parts of the sun>shadowed the rays from the sun>created a white layer under the sun.

Next i added the samurai
(i basically had to create his sword because it was to white with the background of the samurai, so it looked like it didnt have a sword) i cut him out a bit, dragged him over the sun layer.

Next samurai vs dragon.
made the opacity go down a bit, to like 49% then put it over the sun.

then i just added some fonts, added shaodw to the fonts and outer glow, and thats about it. !amazed
Pretty nifty, maybe I'll give it a try one of these days. Another thing to add to my torrent list though.
Nice work Grim.. wish I was as good as you..though we don't even have the same program.. how long have you been making art in computer?
so what does your sig say, though? isn't it meaningless to have phrases that nobody understands? on that note, i'm going out to see The Guardian with my blind friends..
actually, the 4 japanese eltters say grim, and the other 2 say eGO, but the G is under the ray of the sun.

and refereing to blazing heat, umm not too long i dont even know half the use of photoshop, there might be easier ways to do the things i do, maybe im taking the hard way to do stuff, but w/e, lol.
well im having a ton of trouble i dont understand how to just take two pics and make them one i need one in the back ground and the other in the forground. Any help.
hmmm want to make one background? and the otehr in the foreground, well you open the background one 1st then drag the other one over it, make sure you have top layer clicked, and erase what you dont want, it takes time to do it carefully, i think there is an easier way when i find it out i will let you know, i hope it helped :-/