I don't know what to do...

Ok, why're you asking us? Ask your berkeley friends, and take anything that catches your eye. Meet with profs if you're still unsure.
i dont have any going to my school... Im the only one. Major is molecular and cellular biology. I think I am going for premed. I just need bs classes. (bull s**t)
You should meet with PAWS (Peer advising walk-in service) during your first week. Don't be too stressed out about signing up for classes since a ton of people will be changing classes the first week.

If you're still worried, email one of these professors in the field of study in MCB:

You should look here as well for pre-med courses and advice:

I could give you a list of classes, but I did maj. comp sci, minors in econ / poli sci and some classes in computational biology.

There's really no reason for you to take "BS" classes. LOL take classes you're interested in man. Another thing to note though, is that you should be cautious about taking advanced courses (I'm assuming this is your first year) as a result of AP scores. Take classes that make sense. I made the mistake of basically taking graduate level physics - was actually ok... but it was time consuming... and didn't make sense for me to take since my fields of study didn't need any of the knowledge i got from taking that course.

It's kind of hard for us to tell you if you don't provide some more info - what AP's you've taken/ exactly what courses you've already signed up for. But assuming this is your first year, take the basics - chem, math, biology, econ, ethics/philosophy course maybe, sociology (poverty, world health)?

Depending on how comfortable you were with your chem skills... you should obviously be taking orgo/orgo lab. As for math, if you haven't taken what most colleges call calc iv (last calc class) do so - and if you're interested in computational biology take linear algebra, partial differential equations, discrete math... etc (my comp sci/cpb speaking).
I was more concerned about breadth requirements and that stuff. I need to take an American cultures class. Is it safe for me to assume you go to cal?
The only time you'll actually be taking bs courses is during your last year. Every year before that year you are typically fulfilling a requirement in electives, such as humanities and history...

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