[poll] Music Video IS DONE!!!!

OMG that was amazing. You have to make it high res and get it hosted...I can try to host it at ramatheson.com. Awesome! Very creative!

The Jaine's got a Gun part had me falling out of my seat...he even whips out the shovel at the end LOL
that earned more than just an LOL... That earned an LOLCATZ!

Filefront.com should offer you free file hosting. But there's also Rapidshare or Megaupload if you want to go that route.
Yea guys sorry about the mispelled names ill re - update as soon as a get back to new york ... i didnt mispell it though... when i made the credits i made it in a seperate program and ... it screwed up them i guess... there spelled out correctly... it just messed up when compiling ...

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