Exciting morning


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So to let you know I work in a service department at a car dealership. this mornig a technician had fixed a camero for an oil leak. After the leak was fixed he pulled it to the ready line after sitting for about 20 minuts, another advisor went to make sure the a/c was working. As soon as he turn the key the car burst into flames. He had come running in to tel me the car was on fire and went for the extinguisher. We got out side and the flames were very minimal so the tech. popped the hood and we started putting out the flames. and thats when the fuel taht had leaked on the ground ingnited with the 3 of us standing near the car. The advisor holding the extinguisher had his feet in the flames and I had been hit by the flames that Had shot up as well as the tech. Noone was burned seriously though. We got the flames out before the fire department arrived. But I tell you to get hit by an explosion is something I never want to happen again. Scared the crap out of me. But again everyone is ok, but still a little shakey. therefore my day has been too exciting already. I think I need a nap now. lol !whoa
the fuel leak came from the fuel line sitting on the manifold. after he test drove it to make sure oil leak was fixed is when it happened. the manifold got hot burning thru the fuel line. and at the turn of the key shot more fuel out of it and made a spark. we didnt know it till after it happened

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