No more shooting blanks


Thanks to the this new software out there in the market, soldiers and marines wont be shooting blanks on their training.

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I can see several major ways how this technology is going to impact our world and future gamin community.

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if that was dod you would own so much...and why not just use paintballs instead of bullets like in swat training
This has been in practice for a long time. "Long time" meaning a few years lol. And Death, there's a reason SWAT isn't as good as the Marines lol. Paintballs aren't anywhere near as accurate as a bullet. Maybe 1/10000...if you have a really really nice paintball gun lol. And Decent paintballs..

I would love to do this type of training, even if just once.
I think SWAT and police have had that for a couple of years now..
Also, I think they dont use MILES gear for the close quaters because they would have to have other people in the miles gear getting shot at.

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